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Travel Kit: DIY Macaroni Jewellery Kit.

Make your travel easy with this DIY Kit for the little one! It comes with all the material and a video. It is airplane proof and can be carried in a bag!



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About The Box

Get this super fun kit and help your little one create pasta necklaces at home! It is such a simple activity but extremely effective. It helps them develop their finer motor and gross motor skills. The travel kit is an airplane-friendly kit which can be easily taken in your carry-on luggage and can be used to engage the little one during the duration of the flight! It comes with all the material you need and is very easy and fun to do! You can use this activity to teach them colours, numbers, finger movements, design and much more! They can create 3-4 necklaces easily with this entire kit. This is also a great party favour or return gifts for events or birthday parties. Ages 2.5-6 years will love this activity and really cherish making pasta necklaces. A lot can be taught through this activity. The best part is that it comes with a video that the little one can watch and execute. Depending on the age group, assistance can be decided. These are great kits for play dates also since you can get 2-3 kits for about 6-8 kids. This kit will keep them busy for at least 25-30 mins! These kits are also extremely travel friendly! Next time you are planning a vacation with your little one, just carry these kits and keep them busy.
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