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Warli Kulhad DIY Kits.


Learn one of the oldest forms of Indian art with us! Warli painting is one of the oldest forms of Indian folk art. It originated in the warli region of Maharashtra. This is a unique style of painting made by tribals on walls on special occasions. The uniqueness of Warli paintings is that they have always been drawn using specific geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares. Each shape represents a different meaning. The circle and triangle were inspired by their observations of nature, the circle representing the Sun or Moon and the triangles representing mountains or trees. Warli paintings are traditionally done on mud walls with white paste. This white paste is made of rice, water, and gum. Women were primarily responsible for Warli paintings. The painting’s most significant feature is that it depicts social life rather than mythological characters or images of deities. In their paintings, Warli artists depict unity and their ancestral culture. Warli painting is the easiest art form. Kids can easily learn about our Indian folk art. Kids will love to make different shapes and they will enjoy it. It is becoming increasingly difficult for this art form to survive. The Goodwill project is an initiative by Book A Workshop aiming to process and support the lost Indian arts and crafts. In association with GIVE, an organization that works for the welfare of tribal communities and has adopted 106 villages. To promote this long lost art, we are presenting to you the Warli Kulhads! Grab all this material, and make your own beautiful creative kulhads! Proceeds from the sales go to the GIVE organization. Every box you buy will help you support art and tribal education. This will be a kit lead workshop experience where a box with all the material needed will be delivered to your doorstep and a recording of a step-by-step tutorial of the artist from the village will be provided. All the proceeds from the box will go to supporting the artist and their community.  The kit contains:
  1. 6 kulhads
  2. 1 white acrylic paint
  3. 1 black acrylic paint
  4. 1 brush
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What’s in the box?
  • 6 Kullads
  • 1 White Acrylic paint
  • 1 Black Acrylic paint
  • 1 Brush
Goodwill Project: Warli Kulhad DIY Kits   Happy Learners!

“I had great fun painting the Kullads and loved the whole experience! I recommend it to everyone to have first had painting experience on the Kullads.”

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Customer Reviews

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Esthetic Art Form!!

This art form is amazing. I love the art form. It's unique and beautiful. I loved the way the box was delivered to my doorstep. Packaging was superb and their step-by-step video which was recorded by a village artist is just amazing. I bought this kit to support this art form and villagers.


My son loves to indulge himself in various Indian art forms. He loves Indian folk art. So, I thought of gifting this warli kulhad to him. I was a bit skeptical about the product, but at last, I bought it. And I am happy with my decision. My son loved the product. Thanks, bookaworkshop!

Rishabh Nandi
Incredible product.

This is an incredible product. The quality of kulhad was amazing. I suggest this product for everyone.

Splendid product!!

I gifted this product to one of my colleagues. He is very fond of the Indian art form. He loved the product.

Ridhima Pandit

I bought this product for my niece. She loved the product. Packaging was good.

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