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World Whisky Trail by Indulge.


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Indulge Experiences brings to you the joy of guided blind tastings of some phenomenal liquids to your home. With our respected sommeliers, you’ll get to be in the seat of a professional taster and a juror. Our tasting sessions will allow you to learn the art of blind tastings and analysing liquids for their quality, purity, style, and complexity… all, like a pro!! Date: October 30, 2021 (The last date to register is 22nd October 2021) Duration: 40 mins – 1 Hour Online Zoom Meeting We taste 7-8 different whiskies from single malts to blends, grainy to smokey, pot still distilled to patent still, Indian to Scotch to Canadian to Irish to Japanese, to American, all covered. Contents in the Box:
  • 7 Samplers of Whiskey
  • 1 Bottle of Ginger Ale
The Experience Learn the right nomenclature to define your whiskies, the right way to nose and taste them, what to look for to define their quality and personality, and how to differentiate them. On the rocks or neat? Ice or water, or soda? Chill the whisky or the glass? What about highballs and cocktails? Learn it all and show off at your next gathering The series will feature a set of themed tastings of 7-8 liquids carefully selected by our sommeliers, who will guide you on the nuances of tastings and help you analyse them over 40 minutes. Each themed tasting will cover specific topics in a comprehensive and useful fashion. Anyone can attend them – if you’re a curious drinker who wishes to know your drinks better, or a hospitality professional looking at learning beyond what books teach you. About The Expert: Gagan Sharma Gagan SHARMA is amongst the key wine and beverage professionals in India. Having studied in Delhi, Rajasthan, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Austria, and travelled to over 20 different countries. He carries a level-headed approach to his work and writings, blending local and international schemes of things. He writes extensively in the Indian media about his tipples and experiences, and his words deliver the passion that he posses for the trade, the produce, the people behind them, and the journeys they’ve made. His experience is unparalleled, and his humility accentuates that further.
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Customer Reviews

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Yash Advani
Lovely experience

I really loved the way the session was conducted. It was so much fun and all the whiskies sent were very premium, I just loved the whole experience.

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