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How To Build Your Cloud Kitchen Business
with Harry Kosato

Learn from the founder of India’s largest sushi chain and the Guinness record holder for the world’s biggest sushi mosaic!

This workshop successfully combines his years of experience and knowledge into a learning capsule just for you!

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This Workshop Includes

In this workshop, you will learn everything about cloud kitchen, whether you already have a cloud kitchen that you are looking to expand or planning to open one of your own in the future. Sign up for the workshop today and become an expert from the comfort of your home.


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About Harry Kosato

Harry-san is a parallel entrepreneur, social psychologist, and sushi curator. LSE and Oxford-educated, he launched Virgin and Dyson in Japan as Head of Marketing, but he started as a qualified international tax expert. Now he wears many hats and runs projects as diverse as Sushi and More (India’s first chain of sushi outlets) to “Me For the World” a social impact project in Oxford. He lives in Mumbai and Singapore, holds a Guinness Book of World Record, is awarded a Good Design Award, and is still studying at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich for a doctorate. He is a founding member of the Straits Clan Club and Soho House Singapore. 

In this workshop

This workshop will cover everything about cloud kitchens. Learn what a cloud kitchen is, how to build a successful cloud kitchen, and succeed in the hospitality business and beyond.

This workshop also includes advantages of cloud kitchen, future benefits that it holds, its importance, and how to earn and be successful in the long run.

Join our workshop to learn everything in detail and get started with your dream.

Get Workshop Access for ₹ 999