Rio Brand Launch with T-shirt Spray Painting!.

September 6, 2022

Rio is an ├╝ber cool energy drink for the youth and they wanted to do something super cool for their new launch event. They were launching a new drink with the coolest can designs ever and they needed an experience that could match that! That’s where we step in and help them create an experience that’s definitely unforgettable.

Tie Dye T-shirt Spray Painting at Rio Launch

We created a booth where our experts were teaching people various tie dye techniques and helping them make unique designs on their t-shirts! People had so much fun creating their own designs on t-shirts using spray paints.

T-shirt Spray Painting Sessions at Rio Launch

Some very very cool street artists were also invited for the event and they created such cool t-shirt design with spray paints! It’s always such a treat to watch people come up with such amazing and creative designs instantly.

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