Shows That Can Teach You A Lot More About Life.

February 2, 2022

What is even home without a wifi connection? The only idea that keeps people sane is the satisfaction to curl up in the comforter, twirling around on the bed, and watching the shows put you to sleep. 

‘Netflix and Chill’ is the ideal new day ‘one is a party,’ ‘a a date’ or a ‘friend & family get-together’ entertainment set-up.’The pandemic helped us engage with multiple-niche content from the entertainment industry. From Bollywood movies to the new rise of Hindi series and from exploring Korean web series to wildlife and real-life documentaries, these telenovelas have kept us hooked to the screens. While some shows are purely made for entertainment purposes, many others actually teach you more about life than in school.


Let’s get your binge game strong & impressive. Here’s your bucket list. All you need is a comfy couch and some popcorn.

1. Explained 

A docuseries that takes you on a nail-biting and nerve-wracking session transpiring the unusual of the news. Every 15 to 20-minute short docuseries episode plunges you into the world of hot-hitting topics like cryptocurrencies, why diets fail, K-pop music, and more.

2. World War II In Colour 

It takes you back in time, recounting the history of World War II in color. Army, artillery fire, machine guns, dead soldiers will keep you binging forever. However, the reviews make it seem like the short series trend has made the pace of the storyline faster than what happened in real life. 

Suggestion- You Blink It, You Miss It! The narration will make you fall in love with the series all over again. If you are a history freak, you should have switched on your device by now. This is one of the best shows!

3. Abstract The Art Of Design 

With a whopping 4.8 Google Rating, this series is winning the hearts of design enthusiasts. Do not underestimate, because that’s the last thing you would want to do with this one. Abstract digs deeper and deeper into the knowledge sphere of computer design and modern contemporary design through the eyes of some of the world’s most renowned people surrounding the business of designers, photographers, architects, interior designers, and more. ‘I am mesmerized,’ ‘No regrets watching the series,’ the ended in the world of art’ captivating designer freaks and curious onlookers’ are just a few of the reviews. Have you added this to your watch list yet? See the world through their eyes, one episode at a time. We also have workshop in a box, which contains many different types of art workshops.

4. The Secret

A new Netflix hit that dropped at the beginning of November is based on the popular book by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret: Dare to Dream stars Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas. The fans are over the moon and have been singing praises about the series all over social media. The emotional connection binds the viewers till the end of the last episode. The ups and down in the reel life of the characters and their urge to bounce back in life relate to the real-life of people. 

5. It’s A Girl 

This series will touch your heart. Millions of infant or unborn girls are abandoned or aborted illegally every year. If born, they either end up at the corner of the rods, the dump yards, or the orphanages. This is a usual scenario in India, and even though the mindset of people has evolved and changed to accept that girls are bliss, the backward Indian classes and rural areas still lay their belief in the saying of ‘girls are a burden.’ This series closely documents the real-life and situations in India.

6. The Creative Indians 

A 2016 docuseries that makes you believe that you’re expiring the day in the life of some of the most creative Indian professionals like the Film Industry, Art, Design, Marketing, Sales, Music, Fashion, dance, and more. They say creative people often think crazy. This series is a whirlpool of creative ideas and execution and nothing that would make you turn your neck around. 

7. Myths & Monsters 

A little away from the non-fiction docuseries, this one is a fantasy world full of monsters. Get ready to believe the unbelievable. Get ready to discover the secrets, explore the history of monsters and bust their myths revolving around Europe. 

8. Our Planet

We don’t deserve this beautiful planet. Our Planet documents the most beautiful pieces and unexplored species of the world. Whats grows after watching this series is only the love and respect for mother nature and the beautiful world that changes magically around the whole year. With beauty, what is also documented is the effect of the existence of humanity, the climatic changes, and global warnings. The deadly prospecting situations will make you more aware and help raise awareness amongst the other human beings too. You might like this type of shows!


If you have some time off, occupy your binge-watching list with these mind-engaging series. The shows listed above will surely make you move from a dark space to a more aware, responsible, and generous self. As said before, these things can never be taught in school until documented and made space in mind to react to. 


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