Top 10 Made In India Gin That’s Driving The Gin Revolution.

February 4, 2022

Gin, huh? There are so many Indian gin brands on the market right now that we are so thankful and feeling so confident about our 2021 gin prospects! The global demand for made in India gin has increased in recent years, with more companies exporting their product abroad. Depending on how they have been distilled or processed, they can have differing strengths, tastes, and tones. 

Don’t forget to try these pairing suggestions after learning more about these made in India gin brands. Also, don’t forget to keep your gin ready and celebrate the beginning of the new year in high spirits. However, most of them have just launched and are not yet fully available in the market. That said, plan your drinking party based on those few! 

1. Greater Than

To stock Perch Wine & Coffee Bar’s bar with interesting gins, Anand Virmani and Vaibhav Singh were always on the lookout for new and interesting gins. Obviously, there was a gap in the Indian market, leading them to come up with India’s first gin, Greater Than, under their parent company, Nao Spirits. Among its ingredients are juniper, citrus, fennel, coriander, and ginger, all of which originated in Goa and New Delhi. The gin is available in Goa, Maharashtra, New Delhi and NCR, and other metropolitan cities.


2. Gin Gin 

This new gin already has us raving. In any case, it’s India’s first hemp gin! India’s first vapor-infused single-shot gin is distilled using nine botanicals, including hemp, coriander, lavender, rosemary, caraway seeds, cinnamon, and lemongrass flowering caraway, and goldenrod. A brand-new cocktail created by Shubham Khanna, this Gin Gin Gin Gin-Mule is the same as the Gin Gin-Mule, but with Gin Gin! 

3. Terai 

Terai is a Rajasthani Dry gin which is a modern version of the London Dry. Among the ingredients are 11 botanicals, juniper berries, tulsi, orange peel, lavender, rose, angelica, orris root,  coriander, fennel, and lemon peel. The gin itself has a hint of sweetness, spicy, and citrusy, so we highly recommend you drink it with a proper Martini. Enjoy this gin with Indian Tonic Water Sepoy & Co. Terai is available in Delhi NCR, and hopefully, other major metros will soon follow suit.

4. Samsara 

Infused with 11 botanicals, including organic hemp seeds, rose petals, vetiver grass, green cardamom, and juniper berries, Samsara is a floral, citrusy gin with hints of spicy earthiness. The main ingredient is juniper from Macedonia, while other botanicals are gathered from farms and organizations across India. A version of Samsara was made available this September in Goa, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  

5. Pumori Small Batch Gin

Produced by Woodburn’s Whisky, Pumori is named after Mount Pumori, located eight kilometers west of Mount Everest. Located in Goa, India, this latest entry into the gin market is produced in small batches. Pumori’s 100 percent homegrown gin is made in a facility of Fullarton Distilleries based in Candepar, Goa. The gin features 12 botanical ingredients that are sourced from the Indian subcontinent. Hemp juniper, lemon peel, orange peel, cardamom, coriander seeds, liquorice, nutmeg, rosemary, anise, cinnamon, almond, and vanilla combine to make this New Western-style Gin. 

Made In India Gins

6. Tickle 

Tickle Gin, a dry gin from the state of Goa, comes from the makers of Cabo rum, one of the most famous coconut liquors. The factory plantation of Adinco Distilleries produces Himalayan juniper, orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, clove, and in some cases, black pepper. With juniper leading the way, this gin has pepper and cardamom notes. With the use of cold extraction, Tickle keeps the spicy characteristics of the gin and helps impart a certain freshness to the spirit. 

7. Matinee Gin

Our enthusiastic support of Matinee lies in the spark of color and creativity that it brings to the otherwise serious world of gin. The four spices in this recipe — Snake saffron, white turmeric, Kagzi lime, and Goan peppercorn – are not only not Indian but also deliver an entirely different flavor combination than usual fennel, cloves, and coriander seeds.

8. Stranger & Sons 

India’s third gin to hit the market, Stranger & Sons, was launched in 2018 by the Third Eye Distillery in Goa. Stranger & Sons feature ingredients from across the country, including their own garden, with a healthy dose of juniper, along with black pepper, mace, nutmeg, coriander seed, angelica, licorice, cassia, and lemon peel. Akshi Saigal and her cousin Vidur Gupta founded SVAMI with her husband Rahul Mehra, the co-founder of Gateway Brewing Co. and SVAMI artisanal tonic waters and mixers. With its bright lemony flavor, this gin is refreshing as a G&T. India has Stranger & Son’s outlets in Goa, Mumbai, and Pune.

India Gins

9. Hapusa 

Following the launch of Greater Than, the team at Nao Spirits moved the focus to their premium juniper-infused gin, Hapusa, which is Sanskrit for Juniper. Haspusa uses juniper berries from the Himalayan region, turmeric, mango, coriander seeds, and almonds as part of its recipe. Flower notes and a spicy finish accentuate the earthy flavors of Hapusa. At the moment, Hapusa is available in Mumbai, Goa, and New Delhi.

10. Jaisalmer Gin

Jaisalmer Gin is a triple-distilled neutral grain spirit from the house of Radico Khaitan, one of the oldest whisky distillers in India. The recipe for this one uses 11 Indian botanicals, including coriander, vetiver, sweet orange peel, lemongrass, Darjeeling green tea leaves, and cubeb pepper. The flavor of this juniper liqueur is dominated by juniper, but it also has hints of licorice and citrus notes. As a result, Jaisalmer Gin makes an ideal cocktail ingredient. 

Rollback to five years, not even one Indian gin brand was on the satellites. But things started taking a turn when a group of tipplers started striving hard to crack open the gin scene in India. The movement was truly phenomenal. With Nao Spirits’ Greater Than pushing through the walls in 2017,  Made in India Gin brands have started experimenting with the recipes and packaging. As a result, gins made in India have redefined the global gin culture. 

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