#MTLI​ – Minute To Learn It with Ninaad Kothawade | Award Winning Designer | #LearnfromExpert​

Minute To Learn It with Ninaad Kothawade Here’s what you can learn from Ninaad Kothawade in a minute about the basics of designing. Ninaad Kothawade is an independent communication designer. When he is not working on the next branding project, he is exploring the realms of 3D, Animation, and Experience Design. His process is supermodular and his work reflects his love for technology, humor, and fiction. Ninaad was selected one of four graphic designers who presented at DxD’s 20 Under 35 showcase this year. He has also been a Kyoorius Youngblood Inbook winner and was named “Top Talent in Illustration” by Adobe for his 2019’s edition of 36 days of type. He hopes to work towards making the design more accessible and educate people about its importance. Ninaad is soon coming up with new workshops very soon. Get registered to the website for further details . Sign up now!
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