Websites to Break Your Boredom.

February 19, 2022

Hello there, learners. We understand that the lockdown has been a tedious experience for all of us. Some of us work from home as normal, while others simply sit in front of the television or computer, binge-watching shows or playing video games. We have some interesting websites to break your boredom.

We’re here to assist you to get through this week’s “boredom”:

Top 10 weird websites to beat your boredom!

Find the Invisible Cow

It’s a hot-and-cold game in which you drag your mouse as someone yells “cow” more and louder the closer you go to the hidden cow. When you finally locate the cow, all it does is moo in an unmotivated manner. You may claim that cow and we have something in common.

Hacker Typer

Did you ever at any point watch one of those movies where a hacker was just randomly pounding their keys to generate a code to save the world? Well, this website is just for you. All this app does is lets you pound your keyboard and transform it into what looks like some really important coding work.

Pointer Pointer

What’s that point? Yeah, I don’t know… just take on the strange. This is something I can only tell you to experience yourself. Partially because it is fun and partially because no words can explain this.

Staggering Beauty

Make a worm dance with your mouse pointer. Yes, you heard that correct. P.S moving the worm at a faster pace may trigger flashing lights.

Don’t Even Reply

This is just a collection of very funny email’s. If you thought emails shared between your boss and you or clients and you were annoying, then wait until you read these funny emails.

Shut Up and Take My Money

This is a shopping website, but the first question you would probably ask is, Why is this in the weird section of this blog? Well, wait until you open this shopping website. I have spent over an hour just browsing through the random items on this website and yet to decide what to buy and what not to.


Yes, this website does earn the award for extra o’s. On this website, all you need to do is select a country and year and listen to what song was famous back then. It is a music time machine!!

Virtual Piano

Well, this website needs no explanation. This website lets you use your computer keyboard as a piano. So get that inner Steve Wonder out, just sound pretty that all.


This website lets you become an animator, a basic one, but an animator non the less. Personally, I had made a stick figure use his head as a bowling ball. What creative funk do you have hidden?

Wikipedia: Unusual Articles

Well, this is not a website per se, but once you start reading this article, oh boy! You will either burst out laughing or wonder, What was going on in their heads?

Well, these are this week’s top 10 weird sites to visit do tell us in the comments which were your favorite websites.

Do stay tuned for next week’s Top 10 Websites to visit. Meanwhile, you can visit our BookAWorkshop