Where Street Food Feels Like Home.

February 19, 2022

Oh, that feeling of stuffing your mouth with a crunchy panipuri all while you try to prevent the chutney from leaking out of your mouth. Or that cold crushed iced gola covered in purple syrup against your lips as you slurp away. These are two of the many street food options out there.

Street food is probable a tradition in India. A trip to the beach or a long drive almost always ends with amazing street food. But with the recent pandemic, we crave these foods now more than ever.

But what if we said that there is a possibility of enjoying this amazing street food at home? Well, trouble yourself no longer as here are our Top 5 Street Food Brand suggestions to order from at the comfort of your home.

The Goan Poie

Brand Owner: Aaron D’souza
Instagram Handle: @thegoanpoie

About the Brand
The Goan Poie was started in September 2020 by Aaron D’souza a graduate of Hotel Management. After specializing in F&B, Aaron completed 10 years in the industry post which he worked as the Manager at Lord of the Drink, Lower Parel.

It was only after the lockdown did Aaron find his calling. This led to the creation of The Goan Poie. He lost his father at a very young age of 8 years, but distinctively remembers the taste of his fathers home-cooked curries, something that helped mould his taste buds.

The Goan Poie according to Aaron brings out the traditional Goan Cuisine but with a kicker by experimenting and making the dish his own. He adds his unique touches and has often been told that his cooking reminds his clients of food cooked by their late grandparents.

Aaron mentions that he finds meaning and soul in his cooking and this always helps keep himself distracted from the commotion of the outside world.

Soul Food Jaipur

Brand Owner: Asha Dhirendra Banthiya
Instagram: @soul_food_jaipur

About the Brand
Soul Food Jaipur was started in May 2020 by Asha Banthiya and her mother. This mother-daughter duo’s love for cooking was the reason behind the origination of their kitchen.

Passion turned profession, Asha and her mother manage the entire operations of their brand, from the sourcing of ingredients to cooking them, packing them and even delivering them right at your doorstep.


Brand Owner: Shazia Tinwala
Instagram: @chefwith6packabs

About the Brand
Chefwithsixpackabs started in February 2020 by Shazia Tinwala. Her business started by selling dips and has now converted into a full-fledged kitchen that specialized in Pakistani and Bohri cuisine.
Shazia’s main objective for opening up her brand was to show people that it wasn’t the food they ate that made them unhealthy, but the preservatives were the main culprit.
Shazia ensures that all the ingredients used are of premium quality and made from scratch. She further mentions that she has been diabetic for more than 20 years and is very well aware of the cravings and restrictions imposed on her diet.
Hence, she takes pride in accomplishing and serving the tastiest of foods without the unhealthy part by offering healthy alternatives as well as gluten-free and vegan food as per dietary restriction.
Her future plan is to run a small little cafe that caters to walk-in customers with a new menu every week.

Anni’s Kitchen

Brand Owner: Shamim Chohan
Instagram: @annis_kitchen_

About the Brand
Anni’s Kitchen started in May 2020 by Shamim Chohan. Anni is a Turkish word that means Mom, hence it translates to Mom’s Kitchen. Anni’s Kitchen began because of Shamim’s passion to cook food.
Shamim states that her cooking has received numerous praises and that it was because of her sister and her daughter’s motivation, that led to the beginning of this Cloud Kitchen story.
Anni’s Kitchen specializes in Non-veg food and Shamim takes pride in completing over 50 orders within a span of 4 hours.
Shamim also mentions that she looks forward to growing and being able to expand her business in the near future.

Ambrosia Kitchen

Brand Owner: Rachna Prasad
Instagram: @rachnakcp

About the Brand
Ambrosia Kitchen began its journey in October 2011 by Rachna Prasad. Her love for cooking and the inspiration she received from her mother, led to the beginning of Ambrosia Kitchen.
Rachna takes us down memory lane by remembering the days where she would cook with her mother as a child and this helped her realise that the passion for cooking was perfect to make it her profession.
Ambrosia Kitchen specializes in Regional, Asian, and Continental Cuisine. Rachna states that she has been extremely happy with the growth of her kitchen and also the amazing reviews and the awareness of people she has received.

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