Why Is Resin Art Gaining Popularity?.

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February 4, 2022

Art is everywhere and for everyone. Art is universal. Either you’re a person who creates art or a person who admires art, there is no in-between when it comes to art! It is what keeps us alive and helps us escape this dull, mundane world.

Art is not just about beauty. It’s undoubtedly more than that. It helps us to express and translate our feelings in the form of art. You can see art in your ordinary day-to-day life when you slow down and observe the little things like the shadows of the trees falling on the street or the elegant structure of the architecture around you. Man has been a witness to art being important to us since the beginning. Art was first identified during the prehistoric era, seen on the walls of the caves. Today’s concept of ‘modern art’ is majorly based on prehistoric art.  Talking about art, how can we not talk about the recent trend of Resin art that has become a considerable part of today’s aesthetics.

Resin Art

What Is Resin Art?

The elegantly unique Resin art is created by using a chemical synthetically produced called resin. This resin is the reason behind such phenomenal colors and patterns produced while making Resin art which is so pleasing to our eyes. This epoxy resin was not primitively used. Instead, in olden times, Amber, a resin naturally secreted from the trees in the form of oils, was used.

Epoxy resin imitates the properties of the natural resin to make it readily available for us. Epoxy resin has a more dense consistency than naturally found resin. This resin mixture hardens gradually when it comes in contact with oxygen. The epoxy resin also has a shorter processing time. The end result of this procedure is a durable and transparent plastic that takes the shape or image that you have created. The fluid resin medium allows the artists to get really creative with their masterpiece.

Resin Art

There are commonly four types of resin used – epoxy, polyester, silicone, and polyurethane. But epoxy resin is the best option for beginners starting their creative journey. 

Resin Art is considered an unconventional art style. The artists enjoy the liberty to be fully creative and innovative with a broad range of patterns, colors, and styles. You don’t use oil brushes, paints, or even an easel during the process of this art.

The reason for resin art being so out of the box is because of the gold leaves and crystals used by artists to breathe new life into their art.  Many artists even make their own crystals so that they can customize the desired shape and size. What you most importantly need for creating the exceptional Resin art is a proper understanding and knowledge of the epoxy resin used.

Resin Art

Resin art had gained a lot of popularity in the western world before; however, it took its sweet time for this genre of art to reach us. So, this art style is nothing new. It’s because of social media that it has gained a lot of popularity which it undoubtedly deserves.

Many artists have explored and mastered resin art on different social media platforms. It can produce a variety of beautiful outcomes in the form of art. The distinctive quality makes this art so popular that it has versatile uses. It could be used as a wall art flaunting the blue ocean waves or even on bowls or jewelry.

A variety of resin artworks are created by pouring epoxy on solid surfaces or flexible molds. It is famous as it can change any plain wooden furniture into eye-catching art pieces. Dainty jewelry and ornaments are easily made using smaller silicon molds. Many creations of the wooden resin art have wave art which is made by combining the resin with fragments of wood to mimic the ocean. This vivid art is also seen on coasters, bookmarks, photo frames, and the list goes on!

Why is resin art popular

Resin art home décor is popular to spice up the look of your space. As this abstract piece of art looks so gorgeous, it will make you want to go resin on all things!  Along with this, personalized resin art pieces are the perfect choice for gifting your family, friends, and colleagues.

Resin art is also considered as one of the best hobbies to dive into as the procedure can be time-consuming, but the products produced are so stunning, elegant, yet durable.  As it does not involve exceptionally tough painting or drawing abilities, it’s easier to create and enjoy resin art. As you master the simpler techniques of resin art, you will be the creator of some magnificent artwork. This art form has become sensational among many artists and art lovers.

why is resin art expensive

Is Resin Art Expensive?

Yes, but can you actually put a price on such a beautiful glossy masterpiece?

Resin art is expensive because products like epoxy resin are expensive. The materials used for producing this art make it so expensive. Epoxy is costlier than the usually used acrylic paints. But not to forget, epoxy is the reason why the glossy and clear look of this resin art is so popular and aesthetic. So, the cost is majorly influenced by the manufacturing process.

But it also seems like a fair price to pay to flex your creative muscles or even to start your very own small business. The price depends on how extravagant your art piece is. Apart from the epoxy resin, the purchase of different molds, pigments, and decorations can further increase the price. The amount of resin required depends on the size of your product. Nevertheless, it’s worth spending a little more on this unique form of art as it can be customized according to your choices and requirements. It acts as a great purchase or hobby or even as a gifting option!

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