Wine Sommelier Gargi Kothari- WSET Level 3 Certified.

February 3, 2022

Learning looks pretty dull when you have to read, right? Our podcast series at Book A Workshop, which you can listen to from any corner of the world, doing anything you please is the answer for quick on-the-go learning. This is an amazing podcast. A podcast with wine sommelier Gargi Kothari brings you into the world of wine.

Gargi Kothari

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Today’s Podcast With Wine Sommelier Gargi Kothari – 

Today we’re In conversation with Gargi Kothari, WSET level 3 wine sommelier. We’ll learn why she always wanted a space where people could explore wine, the different types of wine audiences and how to cater to them via various events, how to combine wine with various principles of our lifestyle, how to understand wine labels, how to store wine, the cultural values of our society, and the exposure of international culture.

We will also be understanding the benefits of wine and her story of falling in love with wine. What’s her driving force? How did she enter the world of wine? There’s a special message by Gargi too, so stay tuned till the end. Listen to it on Spotify.

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