Women In Tech We Look Up To.

February 21, 2022

Women are leading the world in every industry. One of those is the tech field. Take a look at the women in tech we look up to.

Have you ever wondered? Who’s the youngest self-made billionaire of 2021?

Allow me to tell you. It is Whitney Wolfe Herd, the CEO of Bumble, aged 31. She is the youngest woman in the tech industry to take her company public.

Whitney Wolfe herd

Whitney says, “I’ve truly just always tried to build what I wish existed, what I wish could help make lives better for the women I care about and the people I love, and I think it doesn’t always have to follow the same path.”

Whitney, born in salt lake city, Utah, to a homemaker and a property developer, studied at the University of Texas, where she started her business at the tender age of 19.

Her journey towards becoming a billionaire began at the age of 22 when she joined a start-up to develop a dating app that led the way for Tinder into the dynamic dating app industry. The name “Tinder” was her brainchild, and she was named the co-founder of the app. She also was the Vice-president (Marketing) at Tinder for a brief period.

Whitney has had her fair share of highs and lows in her life. She fought through everything and did not give up on her dream, and believed in herself.

Whitney left Tinder and later filed a case for sexual harassment against the management at Tinder. She settled the case by accepting one million dollars. Tinder denies all the allegations. 

Post her departure from Tinder; she went on to start her own dating platform, which is quite well known in the current generation. Her current business is called Bumble. She started Bumble in 2014 and has since joined the league of pioneers in web and mobile dating products.

Whitney is one of the free-spirited and fun people, and it is well portrayed in her ideas.

women in tech

The basic idea behind Bumble is that women get to make the first move in this male-dominated culture by searching for heterosexual matches, which would make a woman feel empowered.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this app is that it offers services beyond dating, such as Bumble BFF for finding new friends or Bumble Bizz for building professional relationships.

Another notable thing is that most of the board members of Bumble are women, unlike other tech companies.

Bumble is one of the highest-grossing dating apps with millions of users worldwide, making it a significant competitor to Tinder.

According to Forbes, her current net worth is $1.5 billion, with the stock price of Bumble being $70.31.

“You don’t have to be one type of person to find success in the business world or in the tech industry,” Wolfe Herd told CNN Business in an interview.

Key learnings and  takeaways from Whitey Wolfe Herd:

  • Think Outside The Box.
  • Never Be Afraid To Take Risks.
  • Always Believe In Yourself And Your Abilities.
  • Be Insightful And Innovative.

Other Notable Personalities In The Field Of Tech:

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is one of the founders of Canva, our solution to all the graphic needs.

Melaine and Cliff Obrecht started their journey in 2007 when they came up with the idea to build Fusion books. Today, Fusion Books is one of the largest school yearbook publishers in Australia. They have expanded their roots to New Zealand and France as well.

Melaine and Cliff wanted to find a technical co-founder, and their dream came true when they found Cameron Adams and launched Canva in the year 2013.

Canva quickly became one of Australia’s tech unicorns and created a network of over 15 million Canva users. As of now, in 2021, Canva has a net worth of over $8.6 Billion.

Melaine Perkins

Melaine Perkins started her journey in 2007 in her mother’s living room. She wanted to make a graphic designing software that was easier to use for everyone. Her journey in the tech industry wasn’t an easy one as all the major companies were based in Northern California, and she lived in Australia. When she went to San Francisco, she lived with her brother. She started pitching her idea to all the venture capitalists, but she kept on getting rejected.

But destiny had something else planned for her. Some famous and well-known Hollywood actors invested in her business idea. The investors were Owen Willison and Woody Harrelson. Venture capitalists Mr. Bill Tai also invested in her company after learning kite surfing as Bill is a kite surfing connoisseur.

Melaine is one of the coolest individuals in tech and is one of Australia’s richest women.

Melaine says, “It is important to set aside time for yourself.”

25,000 nonprofit organizations use Canva for their fundraisers, and Melaine is proud of it.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of Youtube, which has over 2 Billion active users every month.

Her journey in tech started in 1998 when she rented her garage in Menlo Park in California to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google now.

She was hired in 1999 at Google. She was the company’s first marketing manager. Before that, she was working with Intel in their marketing department.

Susan Wojcicki

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube, which she has run since 2014. She has a net worth of $580 Million.

Susan Says, “Tech is an incredible force that will change our world in ways we can’t anticipate. If that force is only 20 to 30% women, that is a problem”.

Final Thoughts

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