Workshop Day for 2000 Google Employees.

September 5, 2022

Google India wanted to create a fun day of learning at all 6 Google Campuses across India. They wanted to have 3 workshops setup in each location for their employees to attend and experience. We curated 3 amazing workshops: Perfume Making, Canvas Painting and Origami workshops to make them try something completely new and fun!

2,000 Google Employees got learn the “Book A Workshop” way!

We hosted these three workshops in 6 of their campuses across India on the same day! People absolutely loved the whole experience! One could see the ‘joy of creation so evidently visible across their faces. These were employees who are used to sitting in front of computer screens for long hours, they got a chance to connect with people from different departments and do things that they have never done.

Step-by-step Canvas Painting session

Each campus was divided into 3 stations where people could come, experience the activity and move on to the next one. The whole series was designed in such a way that one person was able to do all the three activities within 1 hour. They spent an average of 15-20 mins per activity, from learning to final execution!

Perfume Making, Origami, Canvas Painting (left to right)

These kind of activities are very very important for offices and corporates because it stirs up creativity, concentration, gets the employees engaged with the company and creates core memories that help them build fondness and loyalty towards the company. Whatever you learn in life, never goes waste. Whatever they learn in workshops will come handy some or the other time!

Connect with us today and let’s create some amazing experiences for you within the office itself! Let’s give your employees an experience that they will remember forever!

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